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Ascorbic acid, the reduced form of vitamin - C, is secreted by the normal stomach and may protect against gastric carcinoma and peptic ulcera-tion . This study examined the effect of helicobacter Pylori (H.P) on the se­cretion of ascorbic acid into gastric juice and examined if H.P. eradication improves gastric juice ascorbate val­ues. Eighty six patients with dyspeptic symptoms were included into the study. Fasting plasma and gastric juice ascorbic acid measurement, anti H.P. IgG, rapid urease slide test and bacteriological examination for antral & corpus biopsy specimens during endoscopy were done for all patients at entery into the study. Gastric juice ascorbic acid concentrations in H.P. positive patients were significant­ly lower (374.9±66.6 micromol/dl) than those in 10 H.P. negative con­trols, (507.8±9.04 micromol/dl] (P<0.0001). Likewise, plasma ascor­bic acid concentrations in H.P. posi­tive patients were significantly lower (322.7 ± 92.2 micromol / dl) than those of H.P. negative control (513.1 ± 17.5 micromol /dl) (P<0.0001). Of the 76 H.P positive patients who re­ceived one - week triple therapy (Omeprazol, Amoxicillin & Metronida-zole), H.P. was successfully eradicat­ed in 66 (86.8%), and after one mo­nth, their mean gastric juice ascorbic acid concentrations rose to 453. + 76.01 micromol/dl (P< 0.0001) and their mean plasma ascorbic acid con­centration rose to (419.3± 104.4 mi)

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