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This study was designed to evalu­ate the oxygen availability of KR in the perioperative period and to detect the impact of correction of MA on haemodynamic, oxygenation and bio­chemical variables. Tweenty KR were randomized for correction or no cor­rection of MA. Each group consisted of 10 patients. Correction of MA was carried out by 5% N a H C O 3. Pul­monary catheter was used for mea-surments of heamodynamic variables. Haemodynamic variables recorded in­cluded HR, MBP, CVP, PCWP, Cl; Gasometric variables included pH, PacOa, HCOa and BD; measured ©2 variables included PaO2, PVO2 and SVO2; calculated 02 variables includ­ed CaO2, A-aDPO2, a-vDO2, P50, D02'. VO2 I, O2ER%, and biochemi­cal variables including mixed venous and arterial lactate. The results of this study showed that there was a significant difference in the acid-base status after correc­tion of acidosis. Otherwise, acidosis correction did not display any signifi­cant differences in haemodynamic, oxygenation and biochemical varia­bles. We concluded that KR can maintain adequate tissue oxygenation and correction of MA has no value in improvement of oxygen availability.

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