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Background: Numerous factors af­fect the development of left ventric -far hypertrophy & dysfunction in end stage renal disease. Among those, ar-teriovenous fistulae emerged as an important factor. These fistulae under­go surgical closure following success­ful renal transplantation. However, sudden closure of arterivenous fistu­lae after its presence for long time may have an implications on feft ven­tricular diastolic performance & may precipitate heart failure. Objectives : To assess the possi­ble impact of AV closure on diastolic function we prospectively examined 24 patients with ESRD with AV fistu­lae on regular haemodialysis before & after temporary complete fistulae oc- clusion. EchoDoppler parameters of diastolic function including transrnitral early filling (E) & atrial filling (A) wave acceleration & deceleration times, transmitral E & A wave peak & mean velocities & gradients, transmitral E & A wave velocity time integrals . heart rate .& isovolumtc relaxation time. Results : Transmitral (E) & (A) wave acceleration times were signifi­cantly snorter while transmitral (E) & (A) wave deceleration times were sig­nificantly longer after than before sud­den fistulae occlusion. Heart rate was significantly slower after than before temporary fistulae occlusion. There were non significant trend for E/A peak & mean velocity & gradient decrease or reversal & increase in isovolumic relaxation time after than

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