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This study included selected 30 patients with primary hyperparathyr-oidism {PHPT) due to solitary adeno­ma after exclusion criteria. All our patients were submitted preopera-tively to: estimation of serum calcium level, serum parathormone (PTH) level, bone survey, neck ultrasonogra-phy and technetium 99 sestamibi (Tc99 MIBI) scan. After adequate localization of the parathyroid adeno­ma, all our patients were treated sur­gically by excision of the previously adequately localized parathyroid adenoma through a unilateral neck exploration. Conclusion : The unilateral neck exploration (focused technique) for treatment of PHPT due to solitary adenoma can be considered as a good method of treatment of such condition regarding the less surgical morbidity, favourable cosmesis, pa­tient satisfaction, shorter operating time and earlier discharge.

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