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The knowledge and practice of the students and teachers regarding physical education and activity at schools, and the obstacles that may affect its appropriate application were studied among a random sample of students and teachers using two forms of self-administrated question­naire. The students sample included 1000 second grade preparatory and secondary, male and female students. The teachers sample included 200 male and female teachers. This study revealed that, although many stu­dents agreed on the importance of practicing physical activity (88.6%), physical education classes (PEC) at school (84.6%), and practicing physi­cal exercises during morning queue (MQ) (69%), only 52.8% of them agreed that school helps to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to practice physical activity, 49.2% of them had regular physical exercises during MQ, 27.6% of them regularly participate in these exercises, and 50.6% of them regularly practice physical exercises in PEC. All these percentages were significantly higher among male compared to female stu­dents. In addition, many of the stu­dents did not meet the minimal week­ly requirement of the necessary moderate (22%) or vigorous (37.4%) physical activity in the past week prior to the study. On the other hand, on average school day, 44.6% of the stu­dents watched TV for 1-2 hours, 19% for 3-4 hours, and 6.1% for 5 hours or more. Among teachers, 89.5% of them mentioned the presence of a definite physical education curriculum

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