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Background : evaluation of effec­tiveness, postoperative analgesia hemodynamic effects, recovery pro­files and degree of satisfaction of both parents and surgeons to ilioin-guinal and iliohypogastric nerve blocks performed with local anaesth-tics. bupivacaine alone and with fentanyl. Methods : sixty patients, undergo­ing groin surgery using sevoflurane nitrous oxide anaesthesia were in­cluded . Patients were randomly allo­cated into 3 equal groups (n =15). Group p received normal saline at the dose of 0.3- 0.4 ml/kg for local nerve block (placebo group). Group B re­ceived 0.25%. bupivacaine at the dose of 0.3- 0.4 ml/kg as a local an­aesthetic for the nerve block . Group BF received 0.25% bupivacaing at the dose of 0.3-0.4ml/kg and fentanyl at the dose of 1 ^g kg as local anaes­thetic for the nerve block . Pain was evaluated by the CHEOPS pain score, "Modified Children's Hospital Eastern Ontario Pain. Score". Recov­ery cariteria were assessed by Modi­fied Aldrete Recovery Score. Results : there was significant pro­longation in duration of analgesia in group BF (348 ± 15 min ) and group B (327 ± 18 min) than placebo group .

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