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Many lines of treatment of solar keratosis and solar lentigines are present but still with some adverse ef­fects. The present work aimed to compare three methods for treatment of solar keratosis (cryosurgery, der-mabrasion and topical 5- fluorouracil) and of solar lentigines (topical treti-noin 0.05% cream, cryotherapy and derm abrasion) in order to determine the most preferable method. Thirty nine patients of either sex were sub­jected to careful history taking, pre, during and post treatment photo­graphs. The patients were randomly ar­ranged in 5 groups: group I, II, III for solar keratosis (21 patients), every 7 patients were treated with either topi­cal 5-fluorouracil 5% cream, cryosur­gery or dermabrasion respectively. Regarding, solar lentigines patients were randomly divided into 2 groups, group IV, (10 patients were treated with topical tretinoin 0.05%) and group V (8 patients were treated with cryotherapy of some lesions on the back of right hand and localized der­mabrasion of some lesions on the back of left hand). Cryosurgery is considered the most effective treatment modality for solar keratosis (with cure rate 100% and without recurrence of any treated lesion).

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