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Objective : To assess the oxidativestatus and apoptosis in infantsandchildren with febrile seizure.Methods:This study includes all childrenhaving a febrile seizure eithersimpleor complex. They were 40 patientsand tweenty children as control. Blood sample was taken fromthepatients to measure serum totalanti-oxidantcapacity, MDA, solubleFas-L.Data was analyzed usingSPSS16. Results: We found thatchildren with FS had significantlyhigher oxidative stress levels (higherMDA 33.41±10.36 nmol/ml and lowerTAC median=0.55 Mm/L) (p≤0.001)& higher evidence of apoptosis atdiagnosis (Median sFas-L 150 ng/L)(p=0.003) than control group.Conclusion: the present work providesevidence for the increase in oxidative stress (higher MDA, lowerTAC) and apoptosis (higher s Fas-L)when compared with control. Infectionor fever per se may affect oxidativestress and apoptosis; which intheirturn may cause and complicateFS.An inverse relationship betweenTACand MDA leading to oxidativestressin FS. A correlation betweenoxidativestress and apoptosis.

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