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Objectives: To estimate Trichomonasvaginalis prevalence in symptomaticand asymptomatic cases usingwet amount preparation andmodifiedDiamond’s culture. Materials and Methods: Two hundredfemales were enrolled in thisstudy,100 were symptomatic whileother100 were asymptomatic. Vaginalswabs samples were collectedandexamined using both wet mountandmodified Diamond’s culturemethods. Results: The allover prevalenceof trichomoniasis was 13.5% in the studied cases. By wet mount, 12%(12/100) were positive for T. vaginalisin symptomatic group while, only1%(1/100) were positive in asymptomaticgroup, whilst using modifiedDiamond’sculture, 22 cases (22%)insymptomatic and 5 cases (5%) inasymptomaticgroups. Conclusions: In our locality, modifiedDiamond’s culture is more sensitivein diagnosis of trichomoniasisthan wet amount preparation by microscopy.

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