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elshazli, mohamed

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Vascular and Cardiothoracic surgery

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Original Study


Abstract Authors : Mohamed ashraf elsayed elshazli, Samer abdelhamid regal MD , Hossam Mohamed Mustafa MD, Amr Mohamed Mustafa MD . Background: in our stuy , we aimed to evaluate the outcome of forearm basilc vein transposition and anastomosis to either radial or brachial areteries to create arteriovenous fistula for haemodialysis . Patient and Methods : This is an observational prospective study conducted from august 2019 to December 2020 at the Department of Vascular Surgery, Mansoura University hospital . 25 patients were selected for forearm basilic vein transposition (FBVT ) . 18 cases underwemt BB loop AVF and 7 cases underwent radiobasilic AVF . procedure was done under combined supraclavicular and local xylocaine 1% anaethesia . Basilic vein was harvested using multiple incisions then elevated and anastmosed to either radial artery in 7 cases or tunneled as aloop and anastomsed to brachial artery in 18 cases . Results: The mean age of patients who received an AVF was 56.96±9.61 years, with a range of 35 to 70 years, and included 19 men (76%) and 6 women (24%).18 cases underwemt BB looped AVF and 7 cases underwent radiobasilic AVF . patients were followed up for 1 year. 1ry patency rates at 3,6,12 months were 84% ,83.3%,82.6%. Conclusion: Radiobasilic or forearm brachiobasilic looped AVF can be used as an alternative option in case of cephalic vein inadequancy or if it was previously used for haemdialysis.

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