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Background: Multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT)is the main imaging modality in cardiovascular diseases. Another important role of MDCT is assessment of extra-cardiac structures outside the pericardium. These extra-cardiac findings may be of great relevance. Methods: Cardiac MDCT scan results were retrospectively reviewed by radiologist for the presence of extra-cardiac findings between February 2020 and December 2022. They were categorized according to anatomical location into systems as pulmonary, pleural, mediastinal, bronchial, vascular, bony, abdominal and miscellaneous. Results: A total of 955 patients had a cardiac multidetector CT angiography scan during the study period. Extra-cardiac findings were reported in 320 (33.5%) of these 192 (60%) were males, 182 (56.8%) were less than 1-year age, while 7 (2.1%) were more than 18 years’ age. They were categorized by systems (airway, pulmonary, abdomen, malpositioned lines and bony). Then we sub-classified these findings by level of clinical importance based upon the need for intervention or treatment into clinically significant and non-significant findings. The most common locations of extracardiac findings were chest (75.9%; 243/320), followed by abdominal (11.5%; 37/320), bony (4.6%; 15/320), post-operative (4.06%; 13/320) and vascular (0.9%; 3/320). The most common abnormalities were pulmonary consolidations (145 out of 320 patients). Conclusions: Extra-cardiac findings are common in patients undergoing cardiac multidetector CT, with a percentage of unexpected significant extracardiac findings about 73%. Adequate tailored evaluation of all structures in the field of view should be performed by pediatric radiology and cardiac imaging expertise to ensure urgent interventions can be undertaken when necessary

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