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Previous investigation showed that alioxan partially destroys the pan­creatic islets of langerhans House, (1958), and is being used experimen­tally to induce diabetes in rodents, Afloxan changed ine ultra structure of lead to the recovery of the destructed beta-cells caused by alioxan Ibrahim etal., (1979). Jenkins et al. (1978), found that le­guminous seeds libers has been used successfully in the diet to reduce glu-cosun'a in diabetics. rats islets similarjy^asjo raWtfs_Wt__AnclefSon, (1979), found that such liamson and Lacy, (1959), leading to insulin deficiency and consequently hyperglycemia, glucosuria and de­creased glycogen content in the ani­mal body Scarborough, (1970), as well as disturbance in lipid metabolism Martin etal., (1983). It was reported by some research workers that feeding on Jiet contain­ing raw legumenous seeds as raw soy been with a naturally high trypsin in­hibitor content developed hypertrophy of the acinar cells of exocrine pancre­as Melmed et al., (1973), and may diet have successfully reduced serum triglycerides concentration in hyper-trig lyceridaemic men. Miranda and Horwitz (1978), sug­gested that it is possible to achieve substantial lowering of blood glucose level of diabetic patients by increasing dietary fibre content, without the need for increasing insulin.

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