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Malignant lymphoma is by far the most common malignant tumour in­volving the spleen (Long and Aisenberg, 1974). Although usually affected as a part of generalised process, in some cases the spleen represents the only detect­able site of the disease. Splenic in­volvement by such disease may present as an asymptomatic splenom­egaly or result in a picture of hyper-splenism (Vardimen et a!., 1975 and Glees etal., 1977). In this work, the initial diagnosis of splenic lymphoma was made patho­logically at splenectomy in a group of bilharzial patients trying to detect the frequency of such primary splenic lym­phoma in bilharzial splenomegaly and to discuss the different pathological findings. The clinical features noted prior to splenectomy were reviewed. MATERIAL AND METHODS From 1986-1988 at Mansoura Uni­versity Hospital, splenectomies and devascularisation of the gastro-oesophageal regions were performed on 200 bilharzial patients of both sex their ages ranged from 20-56 years with an average of 42 years. All pa­tients were subjected before operation to thorough clinical examination and laboratory investigations including ab­dominal sonograms and barium con­trast roentgenogram of the upper gas­trointestinal tract.

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