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This study included 20 atopic der­matitis patients (AD) (11 males and 9 females) 10 mild and 10 severe cases as well as 20 Psoriatic patients (10 males and 10 females) 10 mild and 10 severe cases, this besides 20 hea­lthy control subjects of matched age and sex. None of these patients had received any systemic medications for at least 3 months prior to the study. Only emollients were applied as topi­cal treatment during a 2-week wash­out period. B-Endorphin concentration was done on separated plasma samples from patients and controls using RIA principle. While the hormonal assay (cortisol, PRL, T4, TSH, PTH) were performed on sera of patients and controls using automated chemilumin-scent enzyme immunoassay principle. B-Endorphin concentration was in­creased in AD and psoriatic patients when compared to controls. The level of B-endorphin correlates with the dis­ease severity. B-endorphin concentra­tion was significantly increased in psoriatic patients vs AD patients. Stress had nonsignificant effect on B-endorphin concentration in AD and psoriatic patients. While the level of cortisol and PRL were significantly in­creased in stressed AD and psoriatic patients vs controls as well as non-stressed patients. The level of T4, TSH and PTH showed nonsignificant change by stress. Cortisol level was found to be higher in psoriatic patients vs AD patients and controls.

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