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Chronic venous insufficiency (C.V.I.) with its sequelea ranging from edema, heaviness up to chronic leg ulcer remain a therapeutic dilemma. Incompetent valves of perforator veins remains the main cause of this problem. Many methods of treatment have been adopted for control of these perforators namely; surgical li-gation, subfascial endoscopic perfora­tor surgery (S.E.P.S) and injection sclerot harpy. THE AIM OF THIS STUDY is to evaluate the efficacy of duplex scan-guided occlusion of leg perforators (with injection of Histoacryl) in pa­tients with chronic venous insuffcien-cy (C.V.I.) PATIENTS AND METHODS : This study was carried out in the outpatient surgical clinic and Radiology Dept. of Mansoura University Hospital during-the period from December 1996 to April 1998.Twenty patients with differ­ent grades of chronic venous insuffi­ciency were treated with duplx-guided occlusion of perforatorsu using His­toacryl. RESULTS: In eleven patients, the ulcers healed and symptoms of pain and heaviness as well as muscle cramps resolved. In four patients, im­provement in the size of the ulcers and symptoms has been achieved. Three patients did not show ulceration during the follow up period but a limit­ed improvement of symptoms. Two.

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