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The standard surgical manage­ment of infants with Hirschsprung's disease (H.D) traditionally has been one of the pull through procedures developed by Swenson, Duhamel and Soave with a variable rate of compli­cations. So, a new pull through proce­dure for the treatment of H.D. via pos­terior sagittal approach without laparotomy or laparoscopy was evalu­ated in this study. The approach has been performed for 21 patients having H.D. admitted at Pediatric Surgery Unit, Mansoura University Hospital. Theiqr ages ranged from 8 months to 5 years. Patients were followed up postoperatively for a period ranging from 6 months to 18 months. The re­sults were satisfactory with complica­tions occuring only in six cases. Thus, the study reveals that this approach can be performed successfully and safely for definitive treatment of pa­tients having H.D.

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