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We have examined the effect of remrfentanil on the haemodynamic re­sponse to orotracheal intubation in comparison to lidocaine in random­ized double blind study. We studied 30 patients allocated to one of three groups , 10 patients each, to receive the following immediately before in­duction of anaesthesia: saline only in the 1st group, lidocaine 2mg/kg to the 2nd group and remifentanil 1ug/kg bo­lus over 30 seconds to the 3rd group, then anaesthesia was induced with thiopentone .vecronium and main­tained with 60% N2O in oxygen and halothane 0.5 %, the trachea was in-tubated under direct lasyngeoscopy 3 min. after induction of anaesthesia. Arterial blood pressure and heart rate were measured immediately be­fore induction of anaesthesia and then every minute from the start of in- duction until 5 minutes after intuba­tion. Remifentanil was found to be ef­fectively attenuating the perssor re­sponse to tracheal intubation in contrast to lidocaine which was found to be ineffective to attenuate this re­sponse.

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