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. Meta-stases to the skin from internal tu­mours are uncommon, yet they may be the first presentation of such ma­lignancies. Also, paraneoplastic der-matoses (PND) are important cutane­ous markers of internal malignancies. The present work was undertaken in an effort to evaluate the prevalence of cutaneous disorders occurring in association with internal malignant diseases, aiming at early diagnosis and therapy of various internal malig­nancies and improving their survival rates. The study included 163 patients already documented as cases of in­ternal malignant disease of various origins. All the studied cases were subjected to history taking, careful dermatological examination, some dermatological investigations when in­dicated (for fungus), skin biopsy for histopathological examination of skin lesions and photography. We found a very high prevalence of cutaneous disorders in the studied cases (93.3%). Malignant skin in­volvement was found in 8.4% of cas­es (14) most commonly with cancer breast (4 cases). They developed the malignant skin involvement after the primary cancer by a highly variable duration (2 weeks, 30 months). The most frequent primary cancer was adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The majority of PND appeared af­ter the diagnosis of primary cancer

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