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Bronchial adenoma is a collective name of different types of neoplasms that varies considerably in their behavior, malignant potentials and prognosis, In this study 48 cases diagnosed as bronchial adenoma (31 female and 17 male) with an age ranging between 12 and 65 years were studied. The preoperative di­agnostic work up included radiologi­cal, and bronchoscopic examination and bronchoscopic biopsy. The oper­ative procedures performed for the patients were 8 pneumonectomies, 23 lobectomies, 9 bilobectomies, 7 lobectomies with bronchial sleeve resection, and one sleeve resection of main stem bronchus without paren-chymal resection. There was no operative or hospital mortalities or major complications. Pathological examination of resected specimens revealed 31 typical carcinoids, 8 atypical carcinoids, 6 mucoepider-moid carcinoma, and 3 adenoid cystic carcinoma. Of the 11 patients with enlarged hilar lymph nodes, 6 were inflammatory and 5 with metastases. Eight patients died within the first five years after operation, mostly of the adenoid cynic carcinoma and mucoepidermoiu carcinoma group. Follow up period of the patients ranged between 2 and 17 years. The prognosis and survival for the typical carcinoid group was excellent, for the atypical carcinoid group was good and for the mucoepidermoid and adenoid cystic carcinoma group was poor. The factors found to be of high significance to survi­val and prognosis were the path­ological type of the tumor and the regional lymph nodes involve­ment .

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