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It is well known that GMCSF and IL-IB are important factors that modulate host immune response against cancer and consequently, they are expected to be high in patients with colonic carcinoma. The aim of this study was to herald the changes that occur in the above mentioned factors in those patients one month after surgery which is the optimum time of relief of the immune system from operative trauma. In our study, thirty patients were submitted to surgery after being diagnosed as colonic carcinoma using the following methods : careful history taking, complete clinical ex­amination, laboratory and radiological investigations, Finally, colonoscopy and biopsy was done. Assay of GMCSF & IL-IB in patients sera was done by using solid phase Enzyme Amplified Sensitivity Immune Assay (EASIA) performed on micro-tiler plate (MEDGEN1X) (Belgium),. Results revealed that both levels of GMCSF and IL-IB were found to be higher than normal in our patients and also there was highly significant increase in both factors after surgery. GMCSF (P = 0. 0008 ), IL.1B (P = 0. 0001). Conclusion : surgery remains the gold standard in treatment of colonic carcinoma based on immunological background. The more radical the surgery, the better the immune response .

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