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This study was done on thirty pa­tients complaining of Erectile Dys­function (ED) selected with different organic causes (diabetic, vasculogen-ic, peyronie's disease). All our pa­tients were submitted to (a) careful history taking (Sexual, Psychological and Medical), (b) thorough examina­tion (General, Genital and Neurolog­ic), (c) laboratory investigations (complete blood picture, urine analy­sis, lipid profile, haemoglobin A1C, blood sugar, liver functions, serum testosterone and prolactin), (d) spe­cial investigations for (ED) (papaverine injection intracavemosal, duplex doppler ultrasound, nocturnal penile tumescence test (NPTT) using (Rigiscan). After being sure of diagno­sis of organic impotence, and the pa­tient opts for surgical therapy we did the operations of penile implant by us- ing Semirigid Rod type called Accuform Mentor (Santa Barbara CA) in all cases. Postoperative care was done very carefully. We can conclude that the above mentioned type of prothesis is: easy to insert, simple to operate, less brone to malfunction, satisfactory for the patient and rela­tively more economic than the inflata­ble types.

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