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Thirty infertile men were selected for this study. Their ages ranged from 22-45 years. They were either azoo-spermic with low semen volume (less than 1.5ml), azoospermic with normal semen volume or severe oligospermic men. The patients were subjected to history taking, general medical & gen­ital examinations and semen analysis. For azoospermic men, post-ejaculate urine analysis (for exclusion of retro­grade ejaculation), serum FSH and testicular biopsy by open surgical technique were done. Transrectal ul-trasonography (TRUS) was done for all patients using transrectal endfire probe with high frequency (6.5 MHz). Results of serum FSH levels, in azospermic patients were normal in 12 patients (54.6%), elevated but less than 3 folds of normal levels (<3X) in 5 patients (22.7%) and highly ele­vated (> 3X) in 5 patients (22.7%). Results of testicular biopsy in these patients revealed; normal spermato-genesis in 6 patients (27.2%), arrest at primary spermatocyte in 4 patients (18.2%), arrest at spermatid in 3 patients (13.6%), Sertoli cell only synd. in 4 patients (18.2%), mixed Sertoli cell in 3 patients (13.6%), nypospermatogenesis in one patient (4.6%) and tubular hyalinization in one patients (4.6%). Results of TRUS revealed; con­genital bilateral absent vas in 3 cases (10%), unilateral absent vas in 1 case (3.3%). bilateral vasa! hypoplasia in 1 case (3.3%), congenital cyst of the distal duct system in 3 cases (10%), acquired cystic dilatation of the semi-

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