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Functional endoscopic sinus sur­gery (FESS) has become the primary surgical modality for treatment of chronic sinusitis. Recent studies have addressed the usefulness of en­doscopic sinus surgery in pediatric patients. Study Design : This is a retrospec­tive randomized study and was con­ducted between January 1995 and January 2002 at El Menoufyia Univer­sity hospital. Objective : to evaluate the out­comes of pediatric endoscopic sinus surgery (PESS) and assess its effec­tiveness and safety in comparison to adult's functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Materials and Methods : One hun­dred and twenty patients with primary chronic sinusitis were diagnosed and subsequently underwent endoscopic sinus surgery and they were available for follow-up ranged from 12 months to 3 years, with a mean of 2 years. Patients were classified according to the age into 2 groups: pediatric {group A) and adult {group B). The patient's symptoms on presentation were stud­ied and analyzed. Complications oc­curred during performing endoscopic sinus surgery and after were docu­mented. Postoperative symptoms were evaluated and reassessed in the follow-up period. Results : In group A: There were no major intraoperative complications, but three patients (5%) experienced minor operative complications as tem-

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