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Thymoma is the most common primary tumor of the anterior medias­tinum while congenital thymic cysts are rare lesions mostly detected asymptomatically in the first decade of life . This is a study of the experi­ence of mansoura university hospital in the surgical treatment of thymic masses. From June 1979 till June 2001, 34 patients with thymic masses were studied. 21 patients were males "61.8%" and 13 females "38.2%". The age ranged from 2 to 60 years with a mean age of 34.94 years. The symptomatic presentation was variable, where 10 cases had myas-thenia gravis MG, 11 had dypsnea with or without chest pain, 1 had cer­vical LN, 2 had SVC obstruction, and 4 were asymptomatic. The mass was approached through median stemotomy in 32 cas­es, Left thoracotomy in one, and the remaining case had no operation & di­agnosed by cervical LN biopsy as Hodgkin lymphoma. Total thymecto-my was done in 29 cases, large piece of pericardium was excised with total thymectomy in 2, total thymectomy & wedge resection of left upper lobe in one, one case was inoperable due to infiltration of SVC & heart. According to Masaoka clinical staging we had 16 in stage I, 6 in stage II, 4 in stage III, 2 in stage IVa. We had 28 cases of thymoma, 16 were benign, 6 were atypical & 6 were thymic carcinoma. We had 4 cases with congenital thymic cysts . One case was thymolipoma in the second decade of life . One child had Hodgkin lymphoma with thymic enlargement. The correlation was significant be-

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