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This study was done on (56) pa­tients with clinically apparent solitary thyroid nodule (S.T.N). They were treated in Mansoura Endocrine Surgery Unit (M.E.S.U) during the period from January 2001-January 2002 inclusive . All our patients were presented by palpable single nodule in the thyroid gland either in right lobe, left lobe or isthmus . Patients with malignant nodule were mainly presented by rapid recent increase in size of the nodule and some present­ed with early hoarseness of voice or dysphagia. Those with toxic nodule were presented with or without thyro-toxicosis and those presented by sim­ple (benign) nodule were presented by accidentalfy discovered thyroid swelling or bad cosmotic appearance specially in females . All patients were submitted to adequate history taking, clinical examination and indirect faryn-goscopy. Different methods of investi­gations were done that included measurement of thyroid hormones THS, neck ultrasound, C.T& MRI (in certain cases when needed) and thyr­oid scan using Technitium ninety nine (Tc99). Histopatholgical examination was done using FNAB, if failed trucut needle biopsy and if failed frozen section was done. According to the result of pathology whether: a) Malig­nant ( papillary, follicular, Medullary) b) Simple (benign) c) Toxic, Adquate treatment was done that varies in every case ranging from total lobecto-my in benign lesion up to total thyroi-dectomy and block dissection or cher­ry picking {berry picking) in medullary or papillary cancer respectively.

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