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The clinical, histological and the immune reactivity of a case of uncom­mon primary adenocarcinoma of the umbilicus are studied in the present work. This a 42-years old lady pre­sented with painful mass of the umbil­icus since 5 months before presenta­tion. The mass was removed and pathological examination revealed a moderately differentiated adenocar­cinoma. Immunohistochemistry study revealed positive staining for cytoker-atin. Full investigation failed to reveal any evidence of primary sites. The patient is in a good health with no evidence of recurrence 2 years after diagnosis. CASE HISTORY : The patient started to complain of mildly painful mass of the umbilicus since 5 months before presentation. The mass associated with some dis­charge and itchy sensation. No histo­ry of loss of weight, change of bowel habit, anorexia haematemesis, mele-na or jaundice. No history of urinary trouble or gynecological problems. No history of previous operation or chronic medical illness. Clinical exam­ination was unremarkable except for the umbilical mass. The patient was seen in normal built, not jaundiced, and not pale with stable vital signs. No congested neck veins or edema of both lower limbs. Not dyspneic or tachypneic. No cervical lymphadeop-athy. Chest and heart: clinically free. Abdomen: moving smoothly with res­piration with mass of the umbilicus about 5 cm x 3 cm oozing serofibri-nous discharge. No dilated veins were seen.

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