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This study was designed to evalu­ate hemodynamic and neuromuscular blocking effects of different doses of pipecuronium and atracurium combi­nation. Sixty patients of either sex were included in this study.The pa­tients were scheduled for major ab­dominal surgery and they were classi­fied into three groups (each of 20).Acccrding to muscle relaxant giv­en .-Group (A) received 0.08 mg /kg pipecuronium alone and Group (B) re­ceived a combination of pipecuronium and atracurium in a dose of 0.04 and 0.25 mg/kg respectively .Group (C) received the same combination but in a dose of 0.026 and 0.166 mg/kg re­spectively .Ail the patients were pre-medicated with 0.03 mg/kg midazo-lam and maintenance of anesthesia was done by N2O in oxygen (2:1) and isoflurane 1:1.5 %. Neuromuscular monitoring including onset of action of muscle relaxant .assessment of intu­bation condition using intubation con­dition score,duration of bolus dose, number of redoses, duration of each, recovery times and total dose of mus­cle relaxant. Combination of both pi­pecuronium and atracurium in half the intubating dose (group B) produced clinical effective neuromuscular block­ade with acceptable onset time similar to that of pipecuronium alone, and the duration of clinical relaxation of the fi­rst redose displayed a potentiating af­fect. The clinical duration and recov­ery times of the combined drugs in group C were shorter than those of A &B

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