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Introduction : Upper airway ob­struction is a continuous challenge in diagnosis especially if surgical inter­vention is required. [1-2-3-4-5] Virtual laryngoscopy (VL) is a technique for creating computer simulations of anatomy from radiological image data and viewing those simulations in a way that is analogous to conventional endoscope. [6] Aim of the work : The aim of this work was to evaluate the results of surgical reconstruction and to com­pare the findings with virtual laryngos­copy (VL) and conventional endosco-py in diagnosis of upper air way obstruction. Patients and methods: A prospec­tive study was done at Mansoura Uni­versity Hospitals at Departments of Otolaryngology and Cardiothoracic surgery, on thirty two patients with an age range of 14-72 years. Results : Patients presented with upper airway obstruction, 15 cases of laryngeotracheal trauma, advanced laryngeal carcinoma (10 patients), 2 patients of cervical tracheal carcino­ma, and granulomatous lesions (5 pa­tients). Fiberoptic and rigid endoscopy were attempted in all patients. Biopsy was done for 28 patients to confirm diagnosis. Spiral CT was performed with slice thickness 2 mm, pitch 1.2 mm, and reconstruction .interval 1.5

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