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A total number of 100 patients pre­sented with varicocele-induced male infertility were included in this study. All patients were treated surgically by laparoscopic varicocelectomy L.V with spermatic artery preservation. At the 4tn and 6 month postoperatively, all patients were subjected to clinical ex­amination, Doppler, Duplex ultra­sound and conventional semen analy­sis. The rate of conception of the wife was recorded up to two years after surgery. Postoperative spermiogram showed significant increase in the number and motility with marked re­duction of the abnormal forms. The pregnancy rate had much increased up to 45% of patients. The overall postoperative complications such as recurrence, hydrocele formation and testicular atrophy occurred in a very small number of patients if any. Conclusion : L.V is a good method for treatment of varicocele-induced male infertility as it is performed by using a minimum laparoscopic instru­ments, allows easy access to sper­matic veins with preservation of sper­matic artery, short hospital stay, early return to work and minimal complica­tions.

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