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OBJECTIVES In this study we reviewed and as­sessed our experience with the resec­tion and extensive myectomy of the localized type of subvalvular aortic stenosis. Design : The preoperative and postopera­tive reports from transthoracic echo-cardiography examination were ana­lyzed and compared to assess the results of surgery. In addition we re­ported our complications. RESULTS Immediately postoperative maxi­mum LVOT gradient dropped from 77.08 ± 48.35 to 17 ± 9.26 mmHg (P = 0), and mean LVOT gradient dropped from 33.52 ± 22.4 mmHg to 9.4 ± 5.3 mmHg (P = 0). There were 7T no early or late deaths. Eleven pa­tients (44%) developed transient bundle branch block and weaned oft bypass on temporary pace maker. Eight of them (32%) reversed within 3 days completely, while 3 patients (12%) developed complete heart block and required permanent pace maker. No patient had developed en-docarditits or recurrence requiring re-intervention. CONCLUSION The aggressive surgical approach to a discrete subvalvular aortic steno­sis reduces the gradient significantly across the LVOT and reserves the function of the aortic valve at early and midterm follow up.

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