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Premacular hemorrhage frequently accompanies Valsalva hemorrhagic retinopathy. It may exist several mo­nths. This entire time patient has no binocular vision.1Our case shows possibility of decreasing of term for treatment of premacular hemorrhage. Case report A 19-year-old young man after a physical training noticed in his left eye dark red opaque spot. This patient came to our clinic after two weeks of unsuccessful conservative treatment. The vision acuity of the affected eye was 20/200 with the best correction. The perimetery found out central posi­tive absolute scotoma in it. Intraocular pressure did not increase. B-mode echography showed dense formation with prominence into the vitreous of about 1,5 mm. There was revealed dense circumscribed premacular he­morrhage on the eye fundus. The pa­tient did not suffer from diabetes mel-iitus. The blood biochemical examination did not show any pathol­ogy in his coagulate and anticoagu­lant system. Nd: YAG laser posterior hyaloidot­omy was performed in the left eye of the patient. Laser radiation focused on his posterior hyaloid membrane of the lower part of the hemorrhage. Im­mediately after the formation of the hole in the posterior hyaloid mem-

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