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Stroml changes may play an im­portant role in progression, invasion and prognosis of colorectal tumors. Biopsy specimens of colorectal tu­mors were evaluated for stromal char­acterizations. Section stained with Haematoxyline and eosin (H&E) were examined as regard the presence of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and tumor associated eosinophilic in­filtrate (TE). The number of TILs were larger in earliest stages of colorectal cancers and decreased with the pres­ence of metastasis. The prognosis of carcinomas was better for those with higher eosinophilic infiltration. Expression of gelatinaseA type of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP2) was assessed histochemically in both adenomas and carcinomas. Cytoplasmic expression of MMP-2 is signifi­cantly high in colorectal carcinomas (56%) compared to adenomas (20%).{ p=0.006}. A positive relation­ship between MMP-2 expression and tumor grade, Dukes' stage and nodal status was reported.. The staining in­tensity of MMP-2 in adenomas was either moderate (50%) or weak (50%). On the other hand, 28.6% of carcinomas were strongly stained, 39.3% were moderately stained and 32.1% were weakly stained.

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