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The present work was conducted to investigate the influence of valsar-tan (a highly selective antagonist on angiotensin II type-1 receptors (AT^-R blocker) in rats with experimentally - induced inflammation in the form of collagen II- induced adjuvant arthritis. Thirty two, healthy male albino rats were used throughout this study. Rats were divided into 4 equal groups, each comprised 8 rats. The first group consisted of non-arthritic animals (normal control). This group received intra-gastrically normal saline {the ve­hicle used to dissolve drugs), for 2 weeks. The second group consisted of arthritic rats that received intra-gastrically saline for 2 weeks & served as an arthritic control. The third group consisted of arthritic rats treated with indomethacin (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID) in a daily dose of 1.3 mg/kg for the same previously mentioned duration & by the same route of ad-miniistration. The fourth group con­sisted of arthritic rats treated with a daily intra-gastric dose of valsartan (20 mg/kg) for 2 weeks. It was found that administration of collagen II & complete freund's adju­vant to rats produced a significant arthritic changes as assessed by paw oedema thickness, analgesmetric pressure & C-reactive protein (CRP). Furthermore arthritic rats showed a significant increase in fibronectin (In) & malondialdehyde { MDA) ; an indi­cator of free oxygen radical.

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