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Background : GERD is a common gastro-intestinal disorder. It is consid­ered as chronic medical that needs long term medical treatment. Long term acid suppressive therapy, inspite of being considered safe, may result in bacterial overgrowth and secondary hypergastrinemia. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of natural sialagogues (sugarless gum) as non-pharmacological treat­ment to control the pathological acid reflux. Subject and methods: 50 pa­tients were selected from outpatient cfinic of tropical medicine department complaining of heart burn and/or epi­gastric pain. They were confirmed as having pathological GERD by 24 hr pH metry. All patients were subjected to: full history, thorough physical ex­amination, ECG, and upper G.I.T en-doscopy. Ambulatory 24 hrs. esopna-gea! pH monitoring was done in the first day without using natural siala­gogues and repeated in second day during using natural sialagogues. Measurement of salivary volume, ph, bicarbonate and Epidermal growth factor (EGF) before and after using natural sialagogues. The result: there was statistically significant sympto­matic improvement in patients with GERD. 20% cf patients with GERD by ph metry showed normal endoscopoic findings. There were statistically sig­nificant increase in all measured par­ameters after chewing gum. 41% of patients who had GERD showed de­crease in 24 hrs pH metry score after

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