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BACKGROUND : Axillary lymph node dissection (ALND) is a standard procedure in the treatment of breast cancer. Current practice following ALND involves several days of drain­age of the axilla to reduce the forma­tion of seroma. The aim of this study is to compare 5 days to 8 days drain­age after modified radical mastecto­my (MRM). STUDY DESIGN : A pros­pective randomized trial was performed comparing 5 days drain­age to 8 days drainage. The primary outcome measure was duration of hospital stay. Formation of seroma and wound related complications were secondary outcome measures. RESULTS : Thirty patients were ran­domized to the 5 days drainage group (A), 30 patients to 8 days drainage group (B). Seroma aspiration was re­quired in 46.7% (14 patients) after 5 days drainage, and in 33.3% (10 pa­tients) after 8 days drainage (P= 0.07). Infectious complications were seen in 4 patients after 8 days drain­age versus 1 after 5 days drainage (P = 0.0001). CONCLUSION: Five days drainage following ALND is feasible and facilitates early hospital dis­charge. Furthermore, 5 days drainage is not associated with excess wound related complications compared to long-term drainage.

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