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Purpose :- Anal stenosis is a rare .incapacitating, and challenging con­dition, occurring mainly after hemor-rhoidectomy, for which several surgi­cal techniques have been devised this comparative randomized study was carried out for patients with se­vere anal stenosis to evaluate the complication rate, recurrence of anal stenosis and long term outcome after Y-V and diamond pedicle flap ano-plasty. Methods: In this study we reported 20 pa­tients with severe postsurgical anal stenosis, 10 of them Underwent Y-V anoplasty while the other 10 had a diamond pedicle flap anoplasty . Sixteen of 20 patients underwent unilateral anoplasty and the remain- ing 4 patients underwent bilateral an­oplasty . A Partial lateral internal sphincterotomy was performed in 16 patients who had a fibrotic muscular component contributing to stenosis All patients were seen every week un­til complete wound healing was achieved , then every 2 months for 6 months then every year after surgery with a mean follow up 28.6 ± 4.56. Results: Early postoperative complications was moderate pruritis in one patient (10 %) who underwent diamond flap anoplasty, while temporary inconti­nence to gas and liquid stool in 20% , moderate pruritis in 10%, suture de-hiscence in 10% and ischaemic con-tracture of the leading edge of the flap in 20% of cases who underwent Y-V anoplasty.

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