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Introduction : Epidemiological and clinical research of sleep in adoles­cence has been limited but signifi­cant. Many studies suggested that sleep abnormalities could lead to de­pression and anxiety. Objectives : The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of day­time sleepiness and snoring among adolescence of college students at Mansoura University and to estimate the correlation between excessive daytime sleepiness and emotional disturbance i n the context of pres­ence or absence of snoring. Methods : To asses excessive daytime sleepiness, we used Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), for Psycho­logical assessment we used the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire (MHQ), to measure general emotion­ality e.g. free floating anxiety, phobic anxiety, obsessionality, somatic con­comitant of anxiety, depression and hysteria. Both scales had been dis­tributed to random sample of students in three colleges at Mansoura Univer­sity i.e. college of Medicine, College of arts and college of Culture and ed­ucation, Results : 144 students (53 males and 91 female) out of 395 students (36.5%) reported excessive daytime sleepiness and 84 (21.3%) of them reported snoring. Excessive daytime sleepiness showed significant correla­tion with free floating anxiety, phobic anxiety, somatic concomitant of anx­iety, depressive traits and low signifi­cant correlation with hysterical traits.

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