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Inhibin B generated by Sertoli cells provides negative feedback on FSH secretion. In men, inhibin B seems to be physiologically important form of inhibin. Lactic dehydrogenase (LDH), an intracellular enzyme that indicates cellular damage. Varicocele has been associated with infertility and dis­turbed spermatogenesis . We aimed to investigate the rela­tionship between varicocele, LDH and inhibin B. This study was conducted on forty infertile men with varicocele and twenty age matched control men. LDH and inhibin B were measured in the blood samples of these 40 pa­tients with varicocele which were ob­tained synchronously from spermatic and peripheral veins during operation and in peripheral vein of control men. Varicocele patients were classified into two groups: group I twenty pa­tients with normal sperm concentra­tion (> 20 million /ml), and group II twenty patients with low sperm con­centration {< 20 million /ml). FSH and testosterone were meas­ured by chemiluminescence while in­hibin B was measured by enzyme immunoassay method. LDH enzyme

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