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Objective : The aim of this work was to study the effect of parathyroi-dectomy on patients with tertiary hy-perparathyroidism. Patients and methods : A total number of 10 patients with tertiary hy-perparathyroidism manifestations un­der went parathyroidctomy. where the patients with adenoma of parathyroid gland under went excision of adeno­ma or multiple adenomas, and pa­tients with hyperplasia of parathyroid gland underwent total parathyroidec-tomy and implantation of a part of one parathyroid gland into the sternomas-toid muscle . Results : There were significant changes in clinical and laboratory values between pre- and post opera­tive measures in both types of pa­tients (adenoma and hyperplasia) where there were significant de­crease in serum calcium, serum alkaline phosphatase and parathyroid hormone (P.T.H.) and great changes in preoperative manifestations. Conclusion : From this study we can conclude that the optimal treat­ment of tertiary hyperparathyroidism is surgical excision of adenoma or adenomas , or total parathyroidecto-my and transplantation of a part of one gland into the sternomastoid

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