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The present investigation presents the anatomical variations of the hu­man paranasal sinuses using com­puted tomography scanning (CT scan). Paranasal sinus CT scans ob­tained from 300 subjects (120 male and 180 female) were analyzed. Their ages ranged from 15 to 55 years with a mean age (28.4±8.79). The maxillary sinus revealed a number of anatomical variations in 30% of cases. They appeared in the form of septated sinus in 16%, sinus hypoplasia in 10 %, and the presence of a tooth in the sinus in 4% of the cases. Examination of the frontal si­nus revealed extensive pneumatiza-tion of the sinus in 38%, hypoplasia in 26 % and aplasia in 4 % of the cases. CT examination of the sphenoidal sinus revealed sinus hypoplasia in 4%, extensive pneumatization of the sinus in 6 % and unseptated sphe­noidal sinus in 10% of cases. Impres­sion of the optic nerve on the wall of sphenoidal sinus was found in 60% of the cases. The internal carotid artery bulged within the lumen of the sphe­noidal sinus in 50% of the cases. An­atomical variations of the ethmoid si­nus detected by CT included Agger nasi cell (72%), sphenoethmoidal (Onodi) cell (70%), pneumatized mid­dle turbinate (concha bullosa) (56%), enlarged ethmoid bulla (34%), infra-orbital ethmoidal (Mailer's) cell (30%), and paradoxically curved middle turbi­nate (20%).The uncinate process showed hypoplasia in 24%, elonga­tion in 10%

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