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Introduction : Low set ear was not recognized as a complication of post-aural and end-aural incisions utilized in mastoidectomy before. It can cause cosmetic and functional impli­cations. Objective : This paper emphasis that post-operative low set ear is a potential complication which needs to be recognized and discussed with pa­tients p re-ope rat ively. Setting : Two ENT clinics in 2 ter­tiary care referral hospitals Method : Post mastoidectomy re­view patients seen by one ENT spe­cialist throughout 5 years. Out of 942 post mastoidectomy reviews, 10 cas- es of low set ear were found and are described. Case histories are ana­lyzed and potential predisposing and precipitating factors are discussed. Results : All cases had chronic middle ear infection. This condition can develop after one operation and can be recognized as early as one week post-operatively. Seven cases have noted some post-operative au­ricular changes. This condition results from weakening of supportive ele­ments which keep the auricle in nor­mal position Conclusion : Low set ear should be recognized as a potential compli­cation following post and end aural approached to middle ear surgery. Care should be taken to try and avoid its development.

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