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Objectives : to evaluate the effica­cy of gastrografin in resolution of the episode of obstruction in patients ad­mitted with adhesive small bowel ob­struction, and to determine the inde­pendent predictors of failed non-operative management. Patients and Methods : This study was conducted on all admitted pa­tients with adhesive small bowel ob­struction at the Departments of Sur­gery, Mansoura Emergency Hospital and Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura, Egypt, from May 2005 to July 2008. Patients were blindly ran­domized into two groups: Group 1 (control group), and Group 2 (gas- trografin group) 50 patients each. 100 ml of gasrografin was administered to group 2 patients. The progress of the contrast to the colon was assessed by serial abdominal radiographs. When the contrast reached the colon, oral fluids started. If the contrast failed to reach the colon after 24h, laparotomy was performed. Results : In Group 2, there were increased rate of resolution of the ob­struction, decreased rate of failure of conservative management, and over­all shorter hospital stay when com­pared to Group 1 (86% versus 68% & 14% versus 32% & 2.28 versus 4.06 days respectively).

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