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Abstract: Iron is a necessary ele­ment for all living cells. Its deficiency with or without anemia is -the main cause of nutritional deficiency for hu­man beings. In other words, there are many forms of diseases associated with excess iron storage. The clini­cally most important of which is he­reditary hemochromatosis (HH). The present study was undertaken to in­vestigate the correlation between bio­chemical, histopathological and im-munological changes in the parameters in liver injury models in­duced by carbonyl iron. 42 Sprague -Dawley rats were used in this study, 12 rats as control and 30 rats were treated with carbonyl iron at a dose of 3% of the chew diet for 24 hrs, 72 hrs, 1 week, 4weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks. The activity of serum transa-minases (ALT and AST), antioxidant enzymes (SOD, GSH and CAT), and blood platelets count and serum auto antibodies (ANA, ASMA and AMA or LKM) were determined. Liver sam­ples of the control and treated ani­mals at different times were stained with hematoxlene and eosin, Mas-son's trichrome and Peri's Prussian blue stains. Liver fibrosis was graded biochemically by liver fibrosis markers

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