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The material for the present studyincluded 24 patients (18males &6femals) with osteoarthritis (OA) selectedfrom Rheumatology and rehabilitationout patients clinic MansouraUniversityHospital with age rangefrom(45-67 years). 16 patients wereheavysmokers consuming > 20 cigarette/day for long duration > 15yearswhile 8 patients were nonsmokers.8 normal (non smokers)healthyvolunteers with matched ageandsex served as control. All patientswere subjected to radiologicassessmentof (OA) using KellgrenLawrencegrading scal, and clinicalassessmentincluding body mass index(BMI) and WOMAC (WesternOntarioand McMaster universities)indexof osteoarthritis. Using Perkins Elmer atomic absorption spectrophotometry, both plasma cadmium (Cd)andlead (Pb) levels were found tobesignificantly increased among patients with OA exposed to intoxicationthrough heavy cigarette smokingforlong duration. A+ve correlationwasfound between plasma Cd & Pblevelsand severity of OA. Also plasmaCd & Pb levels were found to besignificantlyincreased among, middleaged , slim (non obese) smokerswithOA compared with elderlyobesepatients. In light of previousfindingswe can conclude that exposureto toxic effect of smoking forlong duration may contribute to pathogenesisof OA even in absence ofsomeother risk factors such as olderageand obesity

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