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Background (Introduction): Melatoninhas a widespread antioxidantactivitiythat protects the gastrointestinalmucosa from oxidative damageandpotentiates healing of duodenalulcer.Omeprazole is also reported tobeclearly effective in this healingprocess.The aim of study: is to evaluatethe role of melatonin and omeprazolein the treatment of duodenal ulcereither alone or in a combinedtherapy.Subjects & Methods: 36 adultmale persons were included in thisstudy. They were divided into 4 groups; group I (9 control volunteers),group II (9 patients sufferingfromchronic duodenal ulcer and receivingmelatonin alone), group III (9patientssuffering from chronic duodenalulcer and receiving omeprazolealone)& group IV (9 patients sufferingfrom chronic duodenal ulcer andreceivinga combination of melatoninandomeprazole). Endoscopic biopsieswere taken for histological & immunohistochemicalstudies. Results : Complete healing of theduodenal mucosa was observed after8 weeks of treatment in Group II,after6 weeks of treatment in Group < br />IIIand after 4 weeks of treatment inGroup < br />IV. Before treatment, immu- nohistochemical study of sections ofulcerated duodenum showed strongpositive immune reaction for COX-2enzyme. With treatment, the immunereaction was moderate then becamemild or weak after complete healing.Conclusion: it could be concludedthat combination therapy of both melatoninand omeprazole is preferableintreatment of chronic duodenal ulceras melatonin could acceleratethehealing effect of omeprazole ,shortenthe duration of treatmentandminimize its side effects.

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