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Pesticides are widely used in agricultureand livestock productionwithpotential health hazards. Thisstudyaimed to compare toxic effectsofsub-lethal doses of cypermethrinandmethomyl on rats and to investigatethe spontaneous reversibility oftheseeffects after discontinuation ofexposure.Fifty adult male rats wererandomlydivided into three maingroups.Group 1 (20 rats) was givencypermethrinorally as 5 mg/kg daily,group < br />2 (20 rats) was given methomylorally as 1 mg/kg daily and thethirdgroup (10 rats) served as a control.After one month, half of animals(10rats) from test groups (group 1aandgroup 2a) beside the controlgroup < br />were weighed and sacrificed. The remaining rats were kept withouttreatment for 2 weeks then weighedand sacrificed (group 1b and group < br />2b). Serum aspartate transaminase,alanine transaminase and creatininewere determined. Histopathologicalexamination of liver, kidney andtestes from each rat were carriedout. Results showed that both methomyland cypermethrin induced reversibletoxic effects to liver, kidneyandtestes. The present resultsshouldgive continued emphasis tothecorrect handling and use oftheseinsecticides at the recommendedrates, dose and duration.

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