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Background: Schistosomiasis is amajor public health problem in developingcountries. Currently, praziquantel(PZQ) is the drug of choiceforhuman schistosomiasis. Isosorbide-5-mononitrate(IS-5-MN) is a nitrocompound that is used as an antianginalremedy. It must beenzymaticallymetabolized to releasenitricoxide (NO) to exert its pharmacologicactivities. This study evaluatesthe vasodilator effect of theNOdonor IS-5-MN on hepatic bilharziallesions caused by Schistosomamansoni,and determines whetherthecombined use of IS-5-MN andPZQis synergistic or antagonistic. Methods: Swiss albino femalemice (CD I strain) were divided intofive groups: (i) non-infected; (ii) infectednon-treated; (iii) infected andtreatedwith PZQ, 6 weeks post infection(WPI) in a dose of 500 mg/kg/dayfor two successive days; (iv)infectedand treated with IS-5-MNfromthe fourth to the tength WPI 5days/weekin a dose of 10.08 mg/kg;(v)infected and treated with IS-5-MNasgroup (iv) in addition to PZQ asgroup < br />(iii). Parasitological, biochemicaland histopathological parametersthatassess disease severity andmorbiditywere investigated.Results: PZQ significantly in- creased the percentage of deadeggs, decreased granuloma numberbut did not reduce granuloma diameter.IS-5-MN administered alone didnotinduce a shift in the oogram pattern,but it reduced inflammation, necrosisand granuloma diameter. Thesimultaneousadministration of bothdrugssignificantly increased NO levelin liver homogenates and inducedmodulationof granuloma size. Thebestresults were obtained in themicegroup treated with IS-5-MN inadditionto PZQ.Conclusions: Our results point toIS-5-MN as a promising medicationthat could be used as a combinedtherapy with PZQ to ameliorateschistosomal liver pathology. Furtherstudies are recommended to exploreeffects of IS-5-MN and PZQ coadministrationin schistosomiasis advancedliver fibrosis.

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