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Introduction: Endocrine disturbancesto the thyroid and adrenalswereobserved due to acrylamide exposure. Aim of the work: to detect any alterationin the ultrastructure andapoptosisin the cortex of adrenalglandafter exposure to acrylamide. Material & methods: 16 female albinorats were separated into twogroups,group I acting as control andratsin group II received 10 mg/kgbodyweight of acrylamide by oralgavagesfor 3 months. The adrenalglandswere removed and processedforelectron microscopy and histologicalexamination. Sections werestainedwith Hx&E and Bax and Bcl2immunohisochemistry. Results: In the ACR group, therounded or arched clusters of ZGand the parallel columns of ZF wereless apparent with narrowing of capillariesthat may indicate the presenceof swelling. By TEM, electronlucentareas were observed in thecytoplasmof ZG cells and many mitochondriashowed defects. Manycellsof ZF showed cytoplasmic vacuolesof irregular shape and electronlucentareas in the mitochondria.Theexpression of Bax in the cortexwassignificantly higher in the ACRgroup < br />while the Bcl-2 expressionwassignificantly decreased in theacrylamidetreated group comparedtothe control group. Conclusion: Thecellularand mitochondrial changesandthe increase in the Bax to Bcl-2expressionratio indicated increaseinthe direction of apoptotic pathway in the cortex of adrenal gland due toexposure to ACR.

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