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Background: Although metronidazoleis the drug of choice for treatmentof trichomoniasis, resistant Trichomonasvaginalis isolates havebeenidentified. Aimof the study:So,theaim of our study is to investigatethein vitro susceptibility of T. vaginalisagainst metronidazole in our locality.Methods: Vaginal swabs werecollected from 420 cases attendingthe outpatients’ clinics of thegynecology department, Mansourauniversity hospital. The patientswere subjected to wet mount smearexamination and Giemsa staining followed by culture on modifiedDiamond’s media. In vitro susceptibilitytesting was done for 49 trichomonasvaginalis positive cases todetermineminimal lethal concentration(MLC) of metronidazole in eachcase.Results: Most susceptible isolates(34.7%) were dead at MLC 1 µg\mlfollowed by MLC 2 µg\ml at which 8(16.3%) isolates were killed, followedby 6 (12.2%) isolates at 4 µg\ml, 7isolates (14.2%) at 8 µg\ml, 4 isolates(8.1%) at 16 µg\ml,and 3(6.1%)isolates at 32 µg\mlwhile inresistantisolates 2 were killed atconcentration64 µg\mland 2 iso- Conclusion: In our locality, mostisolates were susceptible to lowdose of metronidazole (lower than orequal 32 µg/ml)with few resistant isolatesthat could be explained by developmentof drug resistance in future.

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