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49 cases diagnosed with unilateralvestibular neuritis were examinedusingpure tone (PT) audiometry atbothconventional (250 Hz-8 KHz)andhigh frequencies (10- 20 KHz).Theaffected ears with vestibularneuritis(VN) were compared withtheunaffected ear and with a group < br />ofnormal volunteers. The differenceinPT threshold between both ears inpatientswith VN and the normalgroup < br />was calculated. Results: In patientswith VN, the mean PT thresholddifferences between the affectedandunaffected ears showed no significantdifference when compared tothemean PT threshold differences inconventionalaudiometric frequencies.On the other hand, the meanPTthreshold differences betweentheaffected and unaffected ears inpatientswith VN showed significant difference when compared to themean PT threshold differences inhigh audiometric frequencies. Conclusion:there is no isolated vestibularlesion. The causative factors forvestibularpathology may affect thecochlearfunction.

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